What's it like adding HeyTaco! to Slack?

Adding HeyTaco! can take as little as a few minutes. 

Here's a quick photo tour of what you'll see and can expect after clicking the install HeyTaco! button on our homepage.

Step 1: selecting the workspace to add HeyTaco! to 

This is where you select the workspace you want to use it in. Some people will create a test Slack workspace to try it in before adding it to their official Slack workspace.

Step 2: authorizing HeyTaco! for your Slack 

After clicking Authorize HeyTaco! will be added as an app to your workspace. This screen tells you what information we can see, store, and modify. 

If you have questions about it, please check out our Privacy Policy here. It's actually easy to read 😄 .

Step 3: Selecting a channel or channels to use it in 

All of your public channels will show up here. If you'd like to add HeyTaco! to a private channel, you have to do that in Slack by typing /invite @heytaco  in the private channel. You can do that now if you'd like. 

People see better results when they add HeyTaco! to multiple channels because it makes it easier to give when you don't have to remember what channels HeyTaco! is a member of. 

If you're nervous about introducing tacos to your Slack, you can create a test channel to experiment in before you enter this setup. You can also, exit this setup flow at any time and manually add HeyTaco! to channels by typing /invite @heytaco .

Step 4: deciding how to let people know about HeyTaco! 

If you select yes HeyTaco! will post a brief message in the channels you select letting people know who it is, what it does, and how it works.

Step 5: deciding on leaderboards 

You have the option here to use leaderboards or not. You can adjust this at anytime on your settings page. We rec'd not using leaderboards for anything serious (i.e. financial rewards and perfomance evaluation). They're meant for fun!

Step 6: Giving your first taco! 

HeyTaco! won't introduce itself to everyone on your team. It'll send a welcome message to the installer via a direct message and a welcome message to any channel you added it to, if you enabled welcome messages. 

You're now ready to give tacos at this point :). If you'd like more info on getting started we recommend looking at our getting started guide here.

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